Hero OCN



Duration  :  

1h 05m

9 Episodes

Set in the near future, the country of South Korea has gone bankrupt. In the fictional city of Mooyoung, irregularities and corruption has now become rampant. By chance, Kim Heug-Cheol receives superhuman strength and he fights against the corruption plaguing the city of Mooyoung.

Cast : Yang Dong-geun, Han Chae-ah, Son Byung Ho, Choi Cheol-ho, Park Won-sang, Jo Jae-yoon, Ryohei Otani, Hong Jong-hyun, Park Bo-gum, Kwon Hae-sung

Genres : Action, Drama, Fantasy

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TAGS : Heroku,Hero Burger,Herobrine,Hero Forge,Hero Wars

Season 1

9 Episodes